Out Now: Edgar 9000 – Black Canvas


Athletikk returns and proudly presents “Black Canvas”, the 4th studio-album from Edgar 9000.

With “Black Canvas”, the Munich based producer created a perfectly composed cinematic follow-up of his fictional soundtrack/full-length album “Gone With The Sound”.

In contrast to the previous longplayer, “Black Canvas” evolves much more floor-oriented and surely has the potential to become a Techno classic. This album was produced with fine analog modular gear, an original TR909 and then shaped with an analog mixing board. Some classic outboard gear completed this setting.

Coordinates for these works are water, flowers, darkness, techno & ambient terror. Find 10 brand new tracks – strong, emotional, but still funky – plus 2 bonus tracks and an additional dynamic full-length-mix, built by the artist himself.

Modern electronic dance music, conceptualized as some colours which appear on a black canvas.

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