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Minimal Widget is a U.K based English producer of deep and dark electronic music.
Although she is new to the art of music production she is no stranger when it comes to sound, having spent all her child and teenage life dancing.
2011 was the year she found Cubase and could begin her passion to produce whole tracks.
Her sound is evidently ear-catching and individual.
“I produce for self-accomplishment and the desire to create eerie and expressive sounds that are captivating, in which brings many of  us together whom would have never before connected“
Having her music played all over the world in underground clubs, venues and festivals is a personal goal for her. Phat bass and electronic sounds that could be voices are apparent in Minimal Widget’s style.
With releases on VK Label, Hypercube Records and Athletikk to date.
Dj’ing is also a passion acted upon under the name ‘Dj Altered State’, spinning sounds from deep hypnotic techno, to minimal progressive beats guaranteed to take you on a trip. You will see a lot more in the future from this Producer/Dj.