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To call her the most important woman in the Austrian electronic scene would be an insult: Electric Indigo long ago reached a level where conventional gender definitions are obsolete. As a DJ, she enjoys international rank, and as a producer she¹s becoming even more influential.” (Sven Gaechter, Editor-in-Chief of Profil magazine and DJ)

Electric Indigo, DJ and musician, has rocked clubs, raves, and festivals in 35 countries. Her name stands for an intelligent interpretation of the terms “techno” and “party”. She started her DJ career in Vienna in 1989 with jazz and funk sets, but soon found her style in the Detroit and Chicago techno sound. In her Berlin years (1993-1996), she was responsible for purchasing and communication at the legendary record dealer Hard Wax. In 1998 she created female:pressure, an international database for female DJs, producers, and visual artists who work in the fields of electronic music. female:pressure is a unique, web-based resource of female talent all around the globe and was built to enhance mutual support and communication as well as the general level of information about female artists. In 2002, DJ Electric Indigo played on the main stage of Detroit’s Electronic Music Fest. 2004 she began to perform live – either in collaboration with musicians like Mia Zabelka, Dorit Chrysler, Pia Palme (mostly in some kind of art context ) or solo in clubs. 2003 Electric Indigo started her own record label indigo:inc recordings. For almost 7 years she has hosted a monthly indigo:inc night for “crazy” at the viennese flex club and since the beginning of 2006 she has presented a monthly radio show at the Vienna based play.fm called indigo:inc as well. 2007/2008 she produced the female:pressure dvd1, released on march 8th, 2008.
Her numerous recordings were released on lables like disko b, mueller, international deejay gigolos, indigo:inc, chicks on speed records, female:pressure.

CLUBS: Ultraschall [Munich], Electric Ballroom, Ostgut, Snax, WMF, Maria, Casino, E-Werk, Tresor, Elektro [Berlin], Suite 15 [Regensburg], Stammheim [Kassel], Robert Johnson, Omen, Dorian Gray, U60311 [Frankfurt], Kunstwerk [Cologne], Strasse E, Schleife [Dresden], 1040 [Leipzig], Baikonur [Essen], Flex, Converse, technocafe, rhiz, Massive, B72, U4 [Vienna], Kanty [Katowize], House Of Blues, Mad Bar, Big Wig [Chicago], Motor Lounge, Majestic [Detroit], Liquid [Kalamazoo], Lunatarium, Drinkland, Limelight, Tunnel, Soundfactory, Killer, Palladium [New York City], Element [Toronto], Eurobeat 2000 [London], Master [Moscow], Sativa, Camel Beats [Edingburgh], Food, Cherry Moon [Belgium], Network, Fuse [Brussels], NNC [Napoli], RadostFX [Prag], Loft, Moog, Piu [Barcelona], Rachedingue [Girona/Spain], Le Pulp, Rex, Batofar [Paris], L’Extrem [Nantes], L’Anvers [Dijon], Le 4 Sans [Bordeaux], L’Usine [Geneva], Rohstofflager [Zurich], Loft [Lausanne], U-Club [Bratislava], Umatic [Athens], Shocken 17 [Tel Aviv], Orange [Beijing], L.A. Disco [Shanghai], La Sala [Bogota].

RAVES: Loveparade, Mayday, Electrobunker, Technomania, Melt Open Air [Germany], Energy [Zurich], Futura [Sarajevo], Fantasia [NYC], Ambient City [Helsinki], Hard:Edged, Suicide, BPitch Control [Berlin], Hyperspace [Budapest], Tatort, Biosphere, Gazometer [Vienna], Welcome to Techno Park [Chicago], Scuby Snacks [Los Angeles], Minneapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, Quebec City, Sofia, Budapest, Ljubljana, Circoteck [Bogota], Air Rave.

FESTIVALS / EVENTS: Detroit Electronic Music Fest [USA], ars electronica [Linz, Austria], moving patterns [New York, USA], EXIT [Novi Sad, Serbia], Musik und Maschine [Berlin, Germany], Sequence [Vienna, Austria], Hear I Am [Vienna, Austria], Alive [St. Vith, Belgium], Sziget Festival [Budapest, Hungary]

Electric Indigo – Gorodok [Athletikk] Summer 2008
irradiation – ridin’ / Electric Indigo Remix [female:pressure dvd1] Mar. 2008
Blockwerk – Straight Forward / Electric Indigo Remix [Oddtime 005] 2007
Electric Indigo & Dorit Chrysler: Sheets [Chicks On Speed Records / Girl Monster Compilation] 2006
Exil System remixed – Electric Indigo: Die Söhne Und Das Biest [Pripuzzi 001] 2005
TokTok – Dendenden / Electric Indigo & Hautmann Remix [v-records] 2005
Markus Güntner feat. Rich – Everybody / Electric Indigo Remix [Spring] 2005
Electric Indigo – Six-Trak Reworks 2 [indigo:inc] Dec. 2004
T21 – Personal Feelings / Electric Indigo Remix [Le Maquis] Nov. 2004
Electric Indigo – Six-Trak Reworks 1 [indigo:inc] Nov. 2004
SPG – Yes We Are / Electric Indigo Remix [Soundlab] Oct. 2004
Gwenn Labarta – Vortexx Voice Track / Electric Indigo Remix [UMF 025] Sep. 2004
Microthol – Sexy Lady / Electric Indigo Remix [indigo:inc] 2004
Reinhard Voigt – How We Rock / Electric Indigo Remix [Kompakt 91] 2003
Electric Indigo – Six-Trak EP 2 [indigo:inc] 2003
Electric Indigo – Six-Trak EP 1 [indigo:inc] 2003
Electric Indigo / Acid Maria – Welttour Mix CD [True People] 2003, feat. her tracks Beautiful Angelica, The Puzzle
Electric Indigo – Leitmotiv Mix CD [Leitmotiv] 2002, feat. Indigo’s Dirty Floor
Electric Indigo – Tribute to Gazometer Mix CD [XXX Records] 2001
Electric Indigo & David Carretta – I Want You [Volkstanz] 2000
U.S.A. – Electric Indigo Mix CD [Petra] 2000
Electric Indigo & David Carretta – Comin’ at You [Pornflake] 2000
Electric Indigo & David Carretta – Automat [Int. DJ Gigolos] 2000
Electric Indigo – Hitchhiker [Mueller] 1999
DJ Rush – Oh La La / Electric Indigo Mix [Mental Groove] 1996
Electric Indigo Mix Tape [Int. DJ Gigolos] 1996
Loisaida Sisters – Home Cooking ep [Pharma] 1996
Electric Indigo & Walker – Golden Gate Bridge [Temple] 1995
Electric Indigo & Walker – SP 12 Trax [DJungle Fever] 1994
Northstar – Figure Skating ep [Disko B] 1994
Color Climax Corporation – Blog Mig Ud / Electric Indigo Remix [Space Works] 1994
DJ Hell – My Definition of House / Northstar RMX [Disko B] 1994
Northstar – Electro Silence / Energy 93 Compilation [Disko B] 1993
Electric Indigo & Richard Bartz – Wolkenkratzer [Disko B] 1993
Electric Indigo – Skyway [Experimental, NY] 1993