mixmag about h.e.a.d. “efs”
“recorded in the hispanic district of brooklyn, it was amongst the crackheads, salsa music and the noisy local emergency services that “EFS” was created. It consists of soothing pure analogical sounds (apparently not one computer was used in its construction) set against evil and manipulating 303 sounds – not unlike labelmates air liquide.
For 100 % audible hallucinations check “Efs1″ for a sonic climb into sub-ambient heaven, or “Efs5″ for a trip into unknown destinations on a road to nowhere.
It is very clever, almost genius in sections. Avant garde, German electronic music for the 90s and beyond. If the music of air liquide, Drexciya, etc. and the intense indulgence of LSD are among the fruits of your everyday food bowl, then H.E.A.D. is going to taste very good.
9 of 10 !!!

h.e.a.d. releases:
h.e.a.d. -”efs” 2 x 12 – blue
h.e.a.d. -”efs” cd – blue
h.e.a.d. -”hedonist” 2 x 12 -blue
h.e.a.d. -”hedonist” cd blue
h.e.a.d. -”james dean” cd emi electrola/harvest
h.e.a.d. -”97 ” 12″ emi electrola/harvest
h.e.a.d. -”97/98″ 2 x 12″ emi electrola/harvest
h.e.a.d. -”97/98″ cd albums emi electrola/harvest
h.e.a.d. -”97/98″ cd album caipirinha prod. us edition
h.e.a.d. – “efs” re-release on athletikk