lars sommerfeld


in 1996 lars sommerfeld began djing at parties in local areas. inspired by french house and the german minimal house scene, he started producing his own tracks. in the meantime his music and remixes got released on different recordlabels (Kurbel, Fumakilla etc.). Hhs tracks and remixes are not only classified in one category they are between the seats. during his live-acts or dj-performances he is always heavy concentrated on the essential moments to pleasure the dancing people. the club gives him the energy he passes on he carefully directed on cooking the crowd. lars is constantly working on new fresh music mainly inspired by his little dancing son.

If Your Body Could Talk (12″) Kurbel 2002
Silverroom EP (12″, EP) Fumakilla 2003
From Out Of Nowhere (12″) Fumakilla 2004
For The Life Of O… (12″) Fumakilla 2005
Disko Disko EP (12″, EP) Plasteline 2007
Just To Make You Hot (12″) Two Faces 2007
Max User EP (12″, EP) Opaque Music 2007
More Money More Love (12″) Two Faces 2007
Then You Will Cry (12″) Two Faces 2007

The Funky Chicken Club Vol. 3 (2xCD) Ich Denke (Lars Sommer… Clubstar 2006
Casino Royal EP (12″, EP) Sub-Stance (Lars Somme… Play Out Right Now Recordings (P.O.R.N.) 2007
Sizzler (12″) Sizzler (Lars Sommerfe… Plasteline 2007

Appears On:
Ich Denke (Vinyl) Promisk 2006
Tracks Appear On:
Various Artists Volume 02 (12″) Browser Kurbel
Headliners – The New Generation (2xCD) Samplewar Ministry Of Sound (Germany) 2002
Kurbel Compilation 4 (CD) Kill The, Dance Cube Kurbel 2002
Music 1 – Electronic Basics – Fine Selection (CD, Promo) Nachbau Goodlife Records (Germany) 2002
Female Pressure Presents Acid Maria & Electric Indigo – Welttour (2xCD) Kill The True People 2003
Rave On Snow Vol. 12 (2xCD) Beat Rock Two (Woody R… More Music 2003
U60311 Compilation House Division Vol. 3 (2xCD) Van Two V2 Records, Inc. 2004
Soundtropolis – Compilation 2005 (CD) Van Too Low Spirit Recordings 2005
Back For Dinner (CD) Sundowner Rip n’Burn Recordings 2006
Back For Dinner (Part 2) (12″) Sundowner Rip n’Burn Recordings 2006
Street Parade 2006 Underground Mix (2xCD) Transport EMI Music (Switzerland) 2006
Mayday – New Euphoria – The Official Mayday Compilation 2007 (2xCD + CD) Max User Toptrax Recordings