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Born in Mymensingh/Bangladesh. Lived in Germany, France and the U.S.A., now based in Munich/Germany.

His musical education started in 1974 with learning on an electric organ. Autodidactic learning of playing piano, Clavinet and keyboards plus working with analogue synthesizers resulted in releasing tapes with own compositions of electronic music through fanzines in the early eighties.
In 1995 he started to be a DJ and to release his first 12″EPs on labels like Superstition, Sony, Delirium and Pod-Communication in the Techno and Ambient field.
He collected a stack of analogue gear up to mid 1997 – sold then his whole studio to move to Los Angeles. There together with Michael Knapp aka Xpando he started to work on building up a studio around Mike’s vast collection of analogue synths. Back in Europe was heavy touring as DJ and Live-Act under the imprint “Dr.Scissors” plus working in the art-context as sound-designer with the artist collective “Supreme Particles” (->; R111).
Other activities include appearances on art-festivals like “Profile Intermedia 8” in Bremen, “Go West” in Zuerich and as sound-designer for Kirill Preobrazhenskiys sound-installation “ Tram 4 Inner Voice Radio” at Documenta 12 in Kassel 2007.

The first Edgar 9000 release “Cluster Shiftings” on the french netlabel “Sweet Smelling Surfaces”
was downloaded a thousand times in the first two weeks.
Records, tracks & remixes have been created mainly for Pastamusik/Munich/Germany and Athletikk/Berlin.
The coordinates of his athmospheric works are mad driving techno and dubby rollercoaster space techno.
He created the soundtrack for “81 The Other World”, a documentary film about the Hell’s Angels and worked on several image-films.
Two full-length albums in the Minimal/Ambient/Leftfield area round up the list.

Edgar 9000 stands for energetic and unique sounds on solid grooves,
dancefloor-approved and chemically tested.
The style could be described as trippy, tribal & technoid.
His hybrid Live/DJ-sets incorporate not only tracks but also
citations from different music styles and special percussion/fx-loops.

He is a resident at famous Munich club “Rote Sonne”.
He performs and djs with the Jazzmutant Lemur-Pad.

sss 042 – Cluster Shiftings – EP
PAM LTD.005 Anhimmeln – EP
PAM LTD.006 Power Of Silence – EP
PAM LTD.007 Play Me Minus Three – EP
athl 013 – Track on “Transformers 3″ ->; Aber Natuerlich
FABM001 – Track on “Berlin Meets Muenchen” ->; Fabulous Talking
athl 014 – Subarmada EP
athl 015 – Pink Influenza A.W.A.R.E. – EP
athl 018lp – Sommerschleifen – Album
athl 021 – Play Me Minus Three – The Remixes
athl 022lp – Below My Danger Line – Album
athl 027lp – Gone With The Sound – Album

as Dr.Scissors
Elektrolux – E1011 – Emotions Babe 10″
Elektrolux – E10111 – Scuba Tongues 10″
Elektrolux – E111001 – Nursing Kit DoLP/CD

w/Kerosene as “Cracked”
Superstition – 2021-6 – Totally Recracked Maxi CD/12″
Superstition – TSF – Sexed CD
Superstition -TSF – Resexed 12″ w/remixes by Joey Beltram & Damon Wild
athl 020 – Cracked – The Lost Dub Tapes
athl 023 – More Black
athl 024 – Damned For Glam
athl 026lp – You’re So Hip

w/Xpando as “Insect Jazz”
Elektrolux – E1000 – Hum&Buzz DoLP/CD
Elektrolux – E11011 – Transmission From Istanbul 2x 12″

w/Andreas Kauffelt as “Mobile Space Unit”
Electrocute Soundplates – ECS 003 – Snakeman EP
Elektrolux – E110111 – Cheat Code EP

Metro L.A. – Twist Me Up (as Dr.Scissors)
Aural Float – New Frontiers (as Dr.Scissors)
DJ Kaos – Love Sterms (Edgar 9000 Dub, Fire & Love Mix)
Mo. – All The Time In The World ( Dr.Scissors’ It Is Rhythm RMX)
Blaue Phase – La Ritournelle – Ambient-RMX (as Nick Vanzetti)
BB & Blake – Paris Je T’aime (Lying 8 RMX & Acapella Version)
Simpisbeauty – Operators Manual (Heated Dub RMX)

Bar 25 (Berlin), Rote Sonne (Munich), Die Registratur (Munich), Palais (Munich), Ultraschall2 (Munich),
Gasteig (Munich), Alte Kongresshalle (Munich), Krisha Mira (Moscow), Mix Club (Moscow),
16 Tons (Moscow), Kazantip 15 (Crimea/Ukraine), Tunnel (St.Petersburg),
Maniac Love (Tokyo), Sensor (Zurich), Grand Hotel Fiuggi (Rome),
Inkonst (Malmoe), No Ufos/Loveparade 1996 (Berlin), Kalkscheune (Berlin), U60311 (Frankfurt),
Meierei (Vienna), Womb Radio (Miami Beach), Stargate Rave (Los Angeles), Serotonin Records Party (New York)…

Straight Shooter (1999) (Music from alter Ego “Syrinx 2600″)
81- The Other World (2010) – a documentary film about the Hell’s Angels

R111. A multimedia project by Supreme Particles ->; shown in Unna (Germany),
Frameries (Belgium), Paris/Creteil (France), Tokyo (Japan) & ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany)
Tram 4 Inner Voice Radio
A sound-installation by Kirill Preobrazhenskiy ->; part of Documenta 16 in Kassel (Germany)
Infossilation @ Profile Intermedia 8/Bremen
Little Hut w/Michael Saup @ Toni Areal/Zuerich

Aural Satisfaction Records
Bassex Records
Caipirinha Prod. NYC
Chillum Rec./UK
Electrocute Soundplates
Hooj Choons
Lotus Records/USA
Poeta Negra/Greece
Sony Music S3
The Spacefrogs